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Java Games

A mix of Tron and Nibbles. It was my first Java-Game and I had some fun coding the artificial intelligence of the enemies. My first intention was to connect them to a genetic programming engine I developed at that time. But soon I noticed that even with some simple algorithms the enemies are much better than human players, So I just let my hand-coded intelligence in there. It's kind of fun to watch how the enemies behave in different situations. I can see from my logfiles that a lot of visitors still play the game and often go through to the last level.

Pacman enters the stockmarket. I did this game for and the link will bring you to that server. It's quite some time ago, but i guess it's still one of the better java-games out there.

Update 5/2002: Damn, the server is gone. Now this game was online for 3 years and now it vanished from planet earth.. what a pity - 3 years of highscores down the drain :o) Searching for it on the net.. at least I found kind of a review on

(Both games are in german language)